I offer these design services to help people evolve their space into their own and create an environment where they feel peaceful and inspired. I am a firm believer that this goal is not met by spending tons of time or money. I use existing pieces to re-purpose and give new life to your space. I will not give you suggestions that are out of your price range or push any certain style on you. I will help you by using my professional skills to enhance your style and maximize your space! 

Great design is not defined by how much money you have. 

Lets get started!

{Free} Initial Consultation
{ I know! Free! Yay! } 
Either in- home or phone/ email I will offer a free initial design consultation and show you what I can do for you and your space. This is a 1 hour consult and can be used to ask any questions you have and discuss your concerns about your space.
If you would like to see concept boards/ renderings/ space plan, etc. choose from these options:

Concept Boards:
I will create a personal conceptual board for you to incorporate pieces you already have and any new pieces to help you visualize your space to reflect your personal style and freshen up your home!

I will hand draw  your space to help you to see it's full potential. {A hand drawn rendering is also the PERFECT personal art piece to compliment your new space!}

Space planning:
Together, we will arrange furniture {and/ or walls, if necessary} to maximize efficiency and create a usable space for you and your family.  

*all of the options above are billed hourly at just $25/ hour*